Dancing like Fire

Die tanzende Dame habe ich hier entnommen: http://jl-modelstock.deviantart.com/art/dance-pose-394355824

Up and down of emotions – love


Love is so colorful!!!

Love unter dem Mond

Look at me!

Schaut nicht in meine Augen

Dream about asymmetric buildings!


Do you know the artist and architect Hundertwasser?
He was a crazy and perfect architect who dreamed about asymmetric buildings. The design and planning of these houses had static limits!
So here’s a possible dream of Hundertwasser (-;


Colorful dreams!

Bunte Träume

An old oak tree

alte Eiche im Feuer-2

A nice evening in the summer in the Belgian town of Saint Truden

Saint Truiden

Different views of of men and women!

unterschiedliche Sichtweisen

Friendly neighbors!

freundliche Nachbarn