Light from above

Licht von oben

Sommeridylle an der Maas in Arcen

Sommeridylle in Arcen

Düsseldorf at night in red

Düsseldorf in rot

Unsere bunte Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Bunt, weil dort so viele Menschen unterschiedlichster Nationalitäten leben!!! bunte Landeshauptstadt



The church of my dreams!

kirche meiner Träume

Take off!

Rotbach surreal

No job – no money – no home – no ……….!

With this picture I would like to remind all the people, who have lost their jobs.

Very often, these people sell their house or apartment! Just so they can pay back the loan!

no money2

At the end of two ways……………….?

at the end of two ways

Dreaming about the south!

malle motion1