In the early morning with strong back light!

Boeckelt Gegenlicht

Der alte jüdische Friedhof in Geldern

Only one grave has flowers

Grabstein mit Blume

Cycling is good for health and also for the love (-:

Fahrradfahren auf der Boeckelt

Bunte Energie am Niederrhein – Colorful energy at the Niederrhein


I do not live on the coast, not in the mountains, not in the desert, not on an island, not even in a nice and big city! I live here at the end of the rainbow (-;


A lake in the morning mist!

heitkamp in sw

A foggy morning on ice!

foggy morning on ice

The forest of the Boeckelt in the winter!

Boeckelter Wald

Winter behind my house

Hinter dem Garten in sw