Take off!

Rotbach surreal

  • Place of Enchantment Quality the contrasts and the colours that, are so characteristic of Autum,close up.This effect is
    lost but the eye, is captivated by the rich textures visible in nature, strokes to suggest is smooth but gentle,the browns
    and the the warm accents of red pleaced in the closer than cool colours, and there are beautiful trees surrounding by the
    fog. Manifestations of earth spirit which posses a Magical aura.Yet even images of it comfort us.Peace is one of our deepest
    needs.This Picture gives me so much pleasure,and joi, and are the most amaising beautiful in the Garden of Edden.
    Thank you Stefan Kierek for this Bellissima and Magnifique Take Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just wonderful! Love the filter and the bird’s addition.