Old apples!


  • Francisco Guerra sagt:

    amazing effect !

  • Nice use of the Fractalius and the color saturation turned these „old apples“ into a beautiful painting!

  • The only forbidden fruit was on the tree of knowlege.De Garden of Eden where the first sin was commited,the underlying
    Message is that Beauty is two-faced-Atractive butt deadly.
    Attention to detail’s is shonn in the care is the Balance, a pece of Geometry, or a Mataematical,Simplified forms Geometric
    Compositions Harmonious a Strong Appeal to the Visual. The contrasts of warm, reds Colors,Shonn in the details of care
    Such as Fibre-Trader the Reflections Made Accurate Observation directly from Nature and Incorporated in is work.
    The Painthing is a pece of Appeles through the Sashes Colour is a Delighful Detail.Astonishing Marblework

  • Patrizia M. sagt:

    Un effetto fantastico, wowww!!!