At the end of two ways……………….?

at the end of two ways

  • Like the last two persons in the world… Beautiful work!

  • Patrizia M. sagt:

    All’inizio di una fantastica avventura. Io la interpreto così questa splendida foto!!
    Ciao, Pat

  • Peace is one our deepest needs,but it does not come just for the wishing.
    Yet even images of it comfort us.Pictures of unspoiled contryside make visual
    what many people sees as the essence of peace.No raucous noises,no pressures.
    This is peace as it may appear in our imagination.The animal world is in harmoni whid
    the human.this is Beautiful picture gives essencen of Balance in Natur.

  • This landscape is Exceptional as well an object of great visuel delight.And a scale with a poetic air and rich and moody
    colours.Is indeed Beautifullly