The most colorful church in the west of germany!

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  • isildanet sagt:

    Amaising Arkitekture Surrounding by so many dethails,the colors the lines and the celling is inportant to note the designe
    Excelente work, tru all the church. The vinduos whid Magnificient glasses the details a is indeed intersthing the motivs the
    colors,the lithening ho intherakt whiding and tru all the church is indeed a peace of Fabelous work A Masther peace of
    Art And Arkitekture whid simples traditionell metods the Haretege passes many generations and stil stands soo oppreising
    in is Magnificence.This is indeed A Masther Peace The EssenceOf Fine Art.
    Thanck you for the chearing of this Beautiful church of yours.

    Den Største lykke for et menneske
    er hver dag å kunne tale om det som gjør sjelen god.
    Det viktigste er ikke å leve, men å leve på rett vis.
    Gods og gull gjør ikke sjelen god,men med sjelens rette kvalitet
    følger rikdom og alle andre goder for menneskerne.

  • Patrizia M. sagt:

    Veramente stupenda, meravigliosa!!!

  • In our busy lives we all Know the benefit that times can bring in this inspirational church
    Appreciation of the sacred meaning to be discovered in Art the well loved Master’s to
    today’s Painthers that Stefan Kierek Explores the many different messages that these great
    works of Art contain shares with us her unique insigts into Blessings of Peace imparts.

  • Storartet og innponarende nyddelig kirke som rammer så muye,som Historie,cultur,and tradisjoner in Art og Arkitektur
    for den Epoken.Storartet onsker oss Velkommen.Maguestic