Brilliant Architecture in Dusseldorf!

  • Patrizia M. sagt:

    Chissà come brilla quando è illuminata dal sole, già la tua foto lo lascia intravedere. Bella, dal basso verso l’altro, rende l’idea di quanto sia grande
    Ciao, Pat

    • admin sagt:

      Thank you Pat for your words!!!!!
      The glossy facade and the chosen perspective make the house much larger than it really is!
      I love the architecture!


  • Modern, shinny and interesting. And a very nice photo, with just the right amount of light, that drives me to one of the possible futures to Europe – the one where everything goes well.

  • Most likely not in my Country. We are being driven very quickly to what the life was in the first years of the fascism, from 1926… :-)But yes, hopefully the good dream will become reality!