The jacket from St. Martin


Dream about asymmetric buildings!


Do you know the artist and architect Hundertwasser?
He was a crazy and perfect architect who dreamed about asymmetric buildings. The design and planning of these houses had static limits!
So here’s a possible dream of Hundertwasser (-;


Walking in the night

Nachts auf der Boeckelt

In the early morning with strong back light!

Boeckelt Gegenlicht

The flower „Küchenschelle“ with texture!

Bottroper Blume texture

A cute little flower!

Bottroper Blume1

Is the sun shining or is there rain over Cologne?

sonne oder Gewitter

Love is colorful but also dangerous!

mann und frau

Red dandelion

rote Pusteblume

Der alte jüdische Friedhof in Geldern