The last image from the dark forest!

Rotbach in dunkel

Stop the winter!

Please stop the winter!

I want flowers and bees!

Haag in sw



Alone in our dangerous world

Our children are so oft alone in our dangerous world!
Take care of your children!
Kind alleine

Missing Red!

missing red

Take off!

Rotbach surreal

Der Rotbach in Oberhausen


Old apples!


No job – no money – no home – no ……….!

With this picture I would like to remind all the people, who have lost their jobs.

Very often, these people sell their house or apartment! Just so they can pay back the loan!

no money2

Fog at the red creek in Oberhausen!

Nebel am Rotbach

The house of Hundertwasser in Essen!

Do you know Hundertwasser?

Hundertwasser is one of the coolest architects! He didn´t like straight lines!
In this house of the University Hospital Essen are living parents, whose children are being treated with serious diseases like cancer in the clinic!



More informations about this house!