Batman’s perspective 

Medienhafen in Düsseldorf

Medienhafen in sepia foto plus

Yellow Hyatt


Colorful windows in the late evening!

Gehry hoch farbeCol

I like Gehry

Gehry hoch sw 2

Düsseldorf in the night

Medienhafen klein

To be alone!

Do you know the feeling to be alone with your camera!

To be alone

Skywalker in Düsseldorf


Dream about asymmetric buildings!


Do you know the artist and architect Hundertwasser?
He was a crazy and perfect architect who dreamed about asymmetric buildings. The design and planning of these houses had static limits!
So here’s a possible dream of Hundertwasser (-;


Is the sun shining or is there rain over Cologne?

sonne oder Gewitter