USA 2017

A look at the other side of the Atlantic makes me afraid.Fear about the democracy, tolerance, peace, justice and equality.

A cold walk

Last lights

Im Winter ist auch schön bei uns am See!

Gute Nacht zusammen!

Technische Probleme

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Because of technical problems on this page, it goes on with this site:

A peaceful landscape without problems

Boeckelter Farben-2

Stop the winter!

Please stop the winter!

I want flowers and bees!

Haag in sw



No job – no money – no home – no ……….!

With this picture I would like to remind all the people, who have lost their jobs.

Very often, these people sell their house or apartment! Just so they can pay back the loan!

no money2

The house of Hundertwasser in Essen!

Do you know Hundertwasser?

Hundertwasser is one of the coolest architects! He didn´t like straight lines!
In this house of the University Hospital Essen are living parents, whose children are being treated with serious diseases like cancer in the clinic!



More informations about this house!

The new home of Harry Potter!

harrys new home-2

This is the typical winter in the west of Germany: cold, wet, no snow, but a lot of rain

Hochwasser Hamb